Dedicated Team

Searching for a dedicated staff that will solely work for you during your preferred time and on your project requirements? We are here to serve you by providing you with experienced, vetted, and certified IT Geeks that will not only upmarket your development capabilities but will also operate smoothly as your core in-house team while building their skills to build your ideal project. Reduce your personnel hiring, management, and training costs. Simply put our certified Team’s skills to the test and hire top talent as needed.

Model of Engagement for Hiring a Google Cloud Architect

Obtaining a Certified Professional Team is the new necessity of this agile IT sector, where there is a significant change in the demand for trained expertise people. Hiring a specialized Team from an international development firm is the best suitable solution to cope with any such difficulty.

Are you having trouble with internal hiring? We are here to assist you. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we will send top certified programmers ready to join and power up your internal workforce without putting you through the hassle of employing an employee.

Model of Engagement for Hiring a Google Cloud Architect

Hiring a Google Cloud Programmer has become simpler based on your needs. Our Company, a Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner in India, offers various recruiting options from which you may choose the best one for the project you’re working on. Our Google Cloud Engineers for hiring are available on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

Hiring on an
hourly basis

Prefer a better half for your company
Duration: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
Weekly/daily/monthly billing
Timeline: Project-specific

Positions Available

Only applies to you
Duration: 8 hours per day x 5 days per week (160 hours per month)
Billing cycle: monthly
Timeline: Project-specific

Hiring for
part-time work

I need a few hours to focus on the assignment
Duration: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week (80 hours per month).
Timeline for Billing: Monthly According to the project

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